Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Times Are Far More Dangerous Than You Realize

By Nicholas Contompasis

Destabilizing governments seems to be the trick du jour for many forces in the world. The use of wireless Internet devices to manipulate and misinform is the new technique, rather than messy guns and bombs. Mobilize the people with promises of utopia and they do all the work.
The Left, the Right, governments, socioeconomic philosophies, political parties, financial hedge-funds, unions and armies all are playing with this new toy. They are mobilizing the general public to do what they want, if possible.
But, in reality they're actually not sure what outcome they'll create.
So, basically we have a multitude of conflicting forces manipulating and contriving to control our world, with a good possibility of destroying our current governing infrastructure and replacing it with chaos.
Then, the questions are, can you see this coming and if so, will you allow yourself to be manipulated?
Many peoples around the world are at this moment being forced to answer these very hard questions.
But, we know that no government is perfect, so would you trade in your current situation for an unknown?
The way things are going and with the ever-increasing sophistication of the technology, you will be answering these questions sooner than you think, whether you like it or not!!!

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