Saturday, November 26, 2011

Apocalypse Now - The Implosion of the Eurozone and the World Economy

By Nicholas Contompasis

Technically speaking, the Eurozone is a bit larger than the U.S. economy. If the Eurozone implodes it will affect the world's economy like a tsunami hitting South Florida, elevation thirty-five feet.
Based on reports coming out of Germany today, it looks like the Fourth Reich has emerged. Germany's economy is the strongest in Europe and since the Eurozone countries are all attached at the hip, the strongest will have the last word. If Germany doesn't take control of the Union it will fail, sending that tsunami like a guided missile into every home and business throughout Europe and the world. Yes, it will affect even you!!!
But, what I've mentioned are just the very predictable economic effects. What about the social upheaval that could and most likely will happen, specifically in the Eurozone?
At this time the unelected governing body that oversees the Eurozone has now stepped over the line by forcing elected heads of state out of office as they have done in Italy and Greece. Did anyone ask the people of these countries?
So, now we have a dictatorial body making the decisions that were once made by the people.
One can only imagine the push back that will come from this sort of thing.
Historically, the Greeks and Italians have always governed themselves. To have some bureaucrat from the North dictate who their leader is, wont go down well, and isn't.
Modern-day Germany is no Third Reich but they will be forced to jam down the throats of faltering nations the medicine they need or a peaceful Europe will end.
Most historians and keen observers of social and civil studies understand that when a peoples ability to self-govern ends so does civil order.
With the inclusion of high-tech mobile devices to manipulate the masses by hundreds of evil doers, this will be ugly.
Imagine most European countries with failed banks and unelected leaders that the people refuse to follow. This is Europe's future if Germany doesn't have its way.
But, I'm not finished. This dangerous cocktail has one last ingredient to be added, Islam!!! Make no mistake, this civil and economic trauma has now opened the door to an ever spreading European Muslim population.
For hundreds of years Islam has eyed Europe as a fat cow waiting to be slaughtered. History has many pages of bloody battles between Christianity and Islam fought under the title Religious Wars, and its about to flare up again with a weak and defenseless Europe.
Muslim terrorist bombs are a given in this situation and it would be just the trigger to set off more riots and deeper fear throughout the zone, crippling an already faltering economy.
The future for Europe and the world economy isn't bright, make no mistake about it.
But, before this is over the contagion will spread here with almost the same magnitude as the E.U. and a global economy will most likely implode, leaving you to fill in the blanks on how bad it will get.
Is it apocalyptic? Very much so!

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