Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Europe is Scared Shitless

By Nicholas Contompasis

As goes the White House, so goes Europe! It's just that simple.
Leading up to the U.S. Presidential elections in 2012 the E.U. will be waiting with bated breath to see if the reign of Obama is over. Polls and leading indicators, as to who may win the White House, will give the pirates of Europe time to ready themselves for the austerity program from hell.
If Republicans win the Presidency and take the Senate, Paul Ryan's budget will become law faster than Obama heading out of town. That means that there will be a six trillion dollar cut in government spending over the next ten years. ObamaCare will be repealed and the U.S. economy will be well on its way to recovery.
Europe has had it good so far, faking their way with dummy austerity programs while Obama destroys the once powerful U.S. economy.
But, when the U.S. gets its act together in 2013 the Eurozone will be forced to correct their evil ways of overspending and bloated governments.
Expect riots, bombings and well, let your imagination run wild. It will get ugly and it will be blamed on us, of course.
This is why Europe loved and did everything possible to promote Barack Obama as President, because it allowed them another four years of living on our gravy train that the American taxpayer has been forced to support.
Well, on Inauguration Day 2013 the real shit is gonna hit the fan!!!

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