Monday, November 28, 2011

Obama and the Democrat Party Declare Political Racism Against the White Man - The New York Times

By Nicholas Contompasis

Obama and the Democrat Party in 2012, according to the New York Times today, will abandon the white middle class to concentrate on entitlement-receiving voters and minorities. That's welfare recipients and minorities many of whom have just arrived.
In other words, our sitting President is a racist for not including whites in any governmental initiatives. This is how it started when ten million Jews in Europe ended up in ovens.
By doing this, he will destroy any support he has left of the independent white voter, most likely ensuring his defeat.
This is one of the most dangerous political moves made by any President. It completely changes the American political landscape.
Logic tells you that if the country is politically divided by race against one color 'WHITES" there's big big trouble down the road for our country.
This is political racism in its purest form.
Obama the divider must go!!!!!

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