Monday, October 31, 2011

Obama's Smoking Gun..........

By Nicholas Contompasis

Percy Sutton the former New York Representative, originally from San Antonio, Texas who is being interviewed in this video died a year after the interview of supposed natural causes. Ironically, his wife died that same year 2009. Mr. Sutton, is famous for being Malcolm X's lawyer.  
The man Monsour who he speaks of is a Black Muslim and a lawyer who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Monsour was the lawyer for Louie Farrakhan, head of the Black Muslims and friend of the now deceased Muammar Gaddafi. 
The man that Mr. Sutton alludes to as being one of the richest men in the world is Prince al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia who contributed over $30,000,000 to Harvard, thus his access for Obama's admittance. He also now owns a good part of News Corp (Fox News), AOL, Disney, CNN and Bank of America. 
Do you now see the connections and allegiances Obama has to Black Muslims, Middle-eastern interests and the Muslim faith? You only have to ask the most obvious question, why would they help him if he wasn't a Muslim? 
But, being Muslim is not the troubling part of this unraveled mystery, it's the debt owed to these very evil men who have no interest in the safety or wellbeing of America and Americans. 
This video is the only known evidence and proof of a connection to Middle-eastern   interests. It's the smoking gun that Obama wasn't able to  scrub from the internet since too many had already copied it. 
You wonder why we had an Arab Spring? Just add 2 and 2 and it equals Obama. 

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