Monday, October 24, 2011

Deductive Reasoning - Joe Biden Unleashes Violent Sex Offenders Unto America's Unsuspecting Women?

By Nicholas Contompasis

A year and a half ago the White House-led mainstream media released news articles about how U.S. guns were coming from America to the Mexican cartels, in the hope gun control could be tightened up in America.
Shortly after, we found out that it was Eric Holder, Obama's AG who was instrumental in sending thousands of guns and ammunition to the cartels.
Fast forward to this summer. It was Mayor Bloomberg and V.P. Joe Biden who started spreading comments that we would have violence in the streets. Shortly after, we find that Leftist demonstrators funded by friends of Obama start semi-violent demonstrations across the country that spread around the world.
Last week, Joe Biden, the arbiter of future events predicted more rapes and violent crimes if Obama's Jobs Bill wasn't passed.
Could it be that these Leftists are now planning on having their friends, Liberal judges across the country, release known rapists and murderers to help the cause?
After all these maggots subscribe to a socialist doctrine "The ends justify the means" and have proven it in recent history, don't you agree?

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