Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Last California Conservative

By Nicholas Contompasis

The dark days collapsed into weeks and weeks into years as the great nation declined into a unsettled sleep.

The once great empire that touched every nation was now in decline but not by choice, more by design. A design that was created from the dark side of men's souls. Men that had no love of God and country. Men as dangerous as any in history.

As the great nation faltered from self strangulation. Its clouded eyes gazed upon a distant image through the hazy morn.

The once proud people, now enslaved, with eyes in permanent sorrow felt a change this hazy morn.

The haze, as it slowly burned above the rolling hills began to reveal the approaching force.

This force was once the lifeblood of the mighty empire but was lost in years of turmoil.

Confusion and lies ruled these days leaving the people wanting and searching but never finding until this hazy morn.

For on this morn, the sun now shining for the first time in years, burning off the deadly fog, revealing the image of good and evil on the battlefield of right and wrong, bringing clarity to the eyes of the people of this great land.

As this clarity spread, the evil was destroyed and the now proud nation empire was once again leading the world with its love of God and country, for all nations.

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