Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's Keep it Simple Candidates

By Nicholas Contompasis

It's a big mistake for each Republican Presidential candidate to put a new tax solution on the table. It's too confusing!!!
They have mistakenly concluded that Herman Cain's rise in the polls was due to his 999 tax plan. His rise in the polls was because of who he is and how he is projecting himself as the common man, which resonates with the Tea Party.
Since over 40% of Americans don't pay taxes they will not vote for anyone that promotes a tax for them - VAT tax and Flat tax.
They should be focusing their efforts on lowering the tax rates across the board and eliminating some. That is simple and easily defended!!!
The American people have had enough of change. They don't want any more change.
It's not a matter of what's a fair tax to pay, it's more a matter of simplifying the attack on Obama and his failed policies.
You turn off Americans by introducing a new tax system. They'll have to understand it, and agree with it. Those are big hurdles to cross.
So, keep it simple and keep it coming with the attacks on Obama's failings and promote tax cuts, not a new and confusing system.

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