Sunday, October 23, 2011

60 Minutes Ignores Steve Jobs Disappointment With President Obama and the American Educational System

By Nicholas Contompasis

After watching this evening's episode of 60 Minutes I was disappointed to see they completely ignored Steve Jobs's conversations and opinions with and about President Obama.
This past week it was leaked that Jobs had told Obama to his face that he was a one-term President. That alone has sent the wheels of the RNC spinning with possible political commercials for next year's Presidential run.
Imagine, watching television next summer and Steve shows up on your screen in a campaign commercial lambasting the President for his performance as leader of the free world. Guaranteed Obama would lose the youth vote in a heartbeat.
Now, 60 Minutes has chosen to ignore the comment, interesting huh? Well, maybe not!
It was also reveled that he had a very low opinion of the public school system and their union domination.
Trashing the President's performance and the backbone of the Democrat party's indoctrination machine, the teacher unions, was just too much for even CBS to handle.
It's really a damn shame that a crack operation like 60 Minutes can't get it right or are simply scared to death of the President's power.
Whatever the reason, it's become obvious to even simple minded Americans that important information is being hidden from them.

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