Sunday, October 16, 2011

U.S. Troops Deployed to Uganda - Why????

By Nicholas Contompasis

"Many of the new generation of African leaders have failed to deliver democracy, peace and development, and they have shown an inclination to cling to power."
President Museveni of Uganda, born a Christian but a Marxist, rules a country with such a horrific history it boggles the mind. Uganda is 88% Christian, 12% Muslim.
Now, the U.S. has troops on the ground fighting a northern Christian rebel force that is portrayed more as a cult, than a revolutionary army.
This thing stinks!! Both sides suck, but here we are again, in the middle of a major cluster-fu*k.
I don't think this is about conflicting religions, like Rush Limbaugh has suggested, but more about conflicting ideologies.
Why do I feel our inexperienced amateur revolutionary Barack Obama, is using our troops to spread Marxism throughout Africa by utilizing President Museveni as his point man?

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