Friday, November 5, 2010

Why it’s a Good Thing for Nancy Pelosi to Remain in Congress as Minority Leader

Nancy Pelosi today announced that she wants to remain in an ever diminished spotlight as minority leader in the United States House of Representatives. I know, most wish she would just go away, but remember our work is not done until the Senate and the White House are taken back by the American people who reflect conservative values that is America. Nancy, with approval ratings now in single digits, couldn’t be a better face to remind the American people of what they don’t want. For the next two years as the more conservative and Tea Party led House of Representatives puts a stop to the socialization of America, she will, in her whiny squeaky voice object with no one listening. As these new congressman submit a repeal of Obama-Care, she will watch how much this country hates her and her lousy bills. It will be the goal of the 112 Congress to continually remind America of the destructive legislation she authored in the past two years. We all know nothing can happen till there is a change in the White House in 2012, but, the constant reminder to the American people of the Left's failed policies will, unfortunately for them define the campaign in less than a year.

The country is angry, the country has been defrauded, and the country knows that races in California, Nevada, New York, Illinois and Connecticut were fraudulent. America has woken up to the fraudulent ways of the Democrat party. Anger is a gauge in defining what the people feel as they see the left wing of American politics stoop to the corruption of our electoral process. But, for the next year the anger will not subside and the American people will become angrier as the President and what’s left of the Left in Congress defend their failed two years in office. So have patience America; we will take our country back and reset it on a course towards success in 2012.

So as the overstretched face of a seventy year old lady continues to be in your face by taking more money from your paycheck because of added health insurance costs and income tax increases, remember she helps swing more people back towards sanity.

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