Saturday, November 6, 2010

Something Stinks to High Heaven in California and it’s Not the Pot – Is There Voter Fraud in California?

"If every person in California that voted for Republican John McCain for President in 2008 voted straight ticket Republican on November 2, 2010 (midterm elections) every Republican would have won by 1,000,000 votes. Meg Whitman would be Governor, not Jerry Brown. Carly Fioreno would be Senator, not Barbara Boxer. What Happened in California?"

By Nicholas Contompasis

It’s Election Day November 2nd 2010, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown are, according to polls, neck and neck, with some polls showing Meg trailing slightly. As we now know, by the end of the evening Jerry Brown won the California gubernatorial race along with Barbara Boxer in the Senate, who was running against Carly Fiorina who also had close polls.

By extracting some statistics from our very expensive 2009 census, I discovered that the state of California has 27,536,440 eligible voters over the age of 18. Now a reasonable person would say that not everyone would or could vote in the election, but is it reasonable to say that 25.7% of the 27.5 million available to vote was a valid and reasonable turnout?

The one in four that voted, according to the latest numbers, went 4,009,280 to Brown the winner and 3,088,070 to Whitman, for a total of 7,092,350 (25.7% of eligible people that could voters).

I then compared the 2008 Presidential election turnout and results for California with the 2010 midterm elections and noticed that only 54% of the people who voted in the 2008 Presidential election turned out to vote in 2010.

I thought Californians were mad? I thought Californians voted down pot and gay marriage leading one to believe that they are far more conservative then believed. With unemployment now over 12% and going higher and home values continuing to fall from their highs by at least 50%, what happened? Why didn’t they vote? Everybody in the state knows the state is broke and can’t possible pay its bills in the future, yet they didn’t turn out to vote and the ones who did, voted in the most liberal of liberals from the Bay Area who will continue to raise taxes and spend the state into oblivion.

In the 2008 Presidential election 5,011,781 voted Republican and in 2010 only 3,088,070 voted Republican, a nearly 40% drop in what was supposed to be a motivated sector. It was the Democrats that were worried about turning out the vote not the Republicans, but the Republicans didn’t turn out, why? Is it possible that they did turn out and vote but their vote wasn’t counted? Is that possible? Sure, if you lived in Chicago, but this is California, the Golden State where life is wonderful and the living is easy. Well, maybe not so easy these days.

The state’s Democrat machine has had a stranglehold on California for years, and for the most part it’s controlled by the unions, from teachers to prison guards. Based on voter fraud reports from around the country, the forces that may be at work in California are now being detected in Nevada, Illinois and New York. This corrupting of the integrity of America’s electoral process must be stopped before the rest of the country’s voters are turned off and simply won’t vote.

Is it possible that the evil forces within California’s electoral process have corrupted the 2010 midterm election results? What happened in California doesn’t look right, and I’m surprised no one is making an inquiry into the problem. But oh, I forgot the winner of the election, Jerry Brown is the one who's in charge of this type of investigation. Thus the Catch-22 California faces.

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sikntyrd said...

The Secretary of State has been asked time and time again to clean the voter registrations and nothing has come out of it. Why would they? It is to their benefit (our Secretary of State being a liberal) and the Democratic Party to keep it the way it is...A MESS!