Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wind Farms on Bunker Hill - Obama Punishes Massachusetts for Scott Brown Win

Yesterday the Obama administration personally attacked the people of Massachusetts with the declaration of a Nantucket Sound Wind Farm. With the pain of the senatorial win by Scott Brown a Republican still fresh in Obama and his leftists’ minds they have now declared war with another state other than Arizona.
This defacing of the Sound with the most ridicules form of energy technology can only be interpreted as a slap in the face to every person of the great state of Massachusetts. Rightfully so, everyone in Massachusetts should take this attack personally. Even the late Senator Ted Kennedy realized the stupidity of such a project. With his body still fresh in his grave, I’m sure he’s getting ready for a resurrection so to strangle his old buddy in the Oval Office. With the election of Brown, it was clear that Massachusetts had woken up to the far left world of Obama and done their part to slow down his socialist ways. Now there’s hell to pay just as other states such as Arizona are finding out. What’s next, a wind farm on Bunker Hill?
It’s now clear that Obama is a reactionary who wants war and frankly invites it. Yesterday’s action speaks volumes about his character and his vengeful personality flaw. This is all too reminiscent of President Richard Nixon who had a personal enemies list. Well congratulations Massachusetts, you’re now on Obama’s Honor Roll of “enemies of the state.” Wear your badge proudly.

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