Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday - Obama’s Connection to the Washington Park Assassination

In the small town of Washington Park just outside of St. Louis Mo. on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River corruption and murder are a way of life. Last night the mayor of this sleepy town was assassinated by forces much greater than one could imagine. Stealing right out of the city’s coffers was common for the officials of this town. Now in bankruptcy Washington Park is about to be thrust into the national and international scene. What do President Obama and the now deceased Mayor John Thornton have in common? Why was this corrupt mayor executed with two bullets to the head by a professional hit man? It’s Easter Sunday and the smoke from the assassin’s gun is still in the air. FBI and state law enforcement officers are investigating this tragedy of modern day America. They’ve rounded up the usual suspects, which is typical for Illinois, but rest assured the real killer is out there and the thugs that placed the order are still on the hunt.“All politics is local,” once said by Tip O’Neil, and so it is. The corruption in the state of Illinois is so rampant it reaches from the heart of Chicago to the small town of Washington Park. Make no mistake any Politician from the state of Illinois is corrupt or has corrupt ties. This includes our illustrious President Obama. Ever since the election of Barrack Obama more violent acts have been taken against government officials in this embattled state. Why? Possibly because of the many connections to the President and his staff in the White House. You see any embarrassment to the President with his ever lowering ratings among the American people would be disastrous. His ratings are now on the edge of a cliff that all political experts know there is no coming back from.To date the assassins have done a good job of covering up the windy trail to the Oval Office. But how long can they keep it up. They’ll slip up one of these days and when they do Obama’s house of cards will tumble. In the past I have reported on this blog of many strange and unusual deaths happening to high level government officials in the state. It’s very obvious that the officials involved are more frightened of the hit man than federal prosecutors, for many have either killed themselves or have gone to jail without a peep. This cover-up can’t last forever.


Anonymous said...

Murder mystery story/Talking in riddles, Clawback? Not like you to beat around the bush. So why evade from the connection between Obama and this mayor~ if there is a connection at all?

Nicholas Contompasis said...

This article is ahead of the curve. Now we wait.

Anonymous said...

Ok and thanks for your response, Clawback. I will wait and see and remember this story! ;o)