Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Overlooked Reason for the Tea Party

The Washington Post has said that the root of the Tea Party movement is simply "Stop wasting our money!” Yes, that’s true, but is that it? Is that the whole reason for the Tea Party movement, to stop wasting taxpayer’s tax dollars? Not hardly! Anyone who thinks that the “Movement” is one dimensional is kidding themselves. The left wants to tag it racist and anti-Semitic. They call it a perpetrator of hate speech and Nazi type rhetoric. Again, to no avail. Even big mouth, know-nothing former President Clinton seems to think that the Tea Party will commit violent acts against innocent Americans. After 16 months of their existence nothing seems to stick as the Left continue their never ending attacks.
The movement continues to grow and gather steam with no foreseeable end in sight. The left can only sit back and watch the destruction of their ill-fated Progressive movement. So what is the missing element that makes the “Movement” so compelling and three dimensional?
The Tea Party wants to defend and maintain America’s “Identity.” Most Tea Party participants have not completely thought this one out, but I have and here it is. This movement wants to preserve and defend the tapestry we call “American.”
Tea Party protestors don’t care what color you are, what religion you are, whether you’re gay or not, if you’re a democrat or Republican. They just want to be reassured that you’re an American and that you believe in capitalism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That’s all.
You see being American can be Chinese, Italian, Jewish, Russian and African. Being American is fried chicken, watermelon, fried rice and shrimp. Americans go to churches, mosques, temples and some just don’t go anywhere. Americans dance, drink, have fun and love their country. The identity of America is important for all of us and gives us our national pride which some in our government want wiped out. This pride and identity has been the juice that’s driven our nationalist spirit. This spirit is the juice that drives the engine of any successful nation.
But the Obama administration is doing everything it can to destroy hundreds of years of “national identity.” The American people have interpreted this effort by Obama as insulting and un-American and rightfully so. There is not one thing in Obama’s past that points to what most Americans would call American thus Mr. Obama’s problem with Americans. You see, because of the lack of American Identity in the Oval Office, Americans across the country are filling the void that he has created.
To put it plainly, Americans are stepping up to the plate and being counted because our President won’t. That is the common thread that runs through every man, women and child that shows up across the country at demonstrations. Every one of them has now put the hat on of the President of the United States and they look damn good in it.
So, God bless all who put on that hat for freedom and the American way for you are the new founding fathers of a re-born America and the preservers of our “American Identity.”

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