Wednesday, April 21, 2010

$100 Bn Russian-Polish Gas Deal Cause of Assassination of Polish President and Photographer

As I reported two weeks ago of the plane crash in Russia that killed the Polish President and his cabinet, it appears that more evidence points to a Russian cover-up. It seems that the now deceased President of Poland was not interested in a $100 billion gas deal with Russia which would have further enriched Putin of Russia. Now not two weeks after the president's assassination, Russia now has a fresh gas deal with Poland signed by the newly acting President of Poland. Can you spell “under duress?”
Furthermore, the man who took a video of the crash site just after it happened, which was seen by half the world on YouTube and was included in one of my articles, is now dead. He was stabbed and sent to a hospital just after taking and posting the video on YouTube. While in the hospital he was stabbed three more times and yanked off of life support. That video recorded the further assassination of survivors of the plane crash. This story stinks to high heaven and is just the beginning of the effects of the vacuum created by the Obama administration around the world.

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