Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama Pulled the Trigger on Poland

President Lech Kaczynski of Poland along with most of his defense department and military leaders were murdered today by the long arm of Russia. As President Obama’s isolationist policies take hold in Eastern Europe, Putin of Russia has his grimy KGB fingers all over the crime scene. Today a plane full of Polish dignitaries crashed on the anniversary of another Russian crime committed on the Polish people. Welcome to the new American foreign policy led by our illustrious President Obama.
Mr. Obama, rest assured, your new buddies at the Kremlin are well on their way at retaking Eastern Europe. But this time it will be far more disastrous for the fledgling democracies.
Obama’s new American foreign policy is creating vacuums around the world, as opposing forces realize Obama will no longer stand up against them and will no longer uphold our commitments. As he destroys decades of strong alliances, I wonder how long he will get away with it. The pure existence of many countries depends on the policy of our President and many of them are considering other options. This President is creating enemies that were once our friends and these new enemies just could strike back, something that would surprise most experts.
It appears the once defender of democracy is no longer interested. My God, just extrapolate the dimension of this policy. It’s very possible that millions could die because of it and some of those could be Americans.
As millions of Africans live and prosper because of the Bush AID’s Drug Project, Obama is on his way to killing millions because of his ill-conceived isolationist foreign policy.

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