Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Attack U.S. Oil Rig in Gulf of Mexico

The U.S. Coast Guard said Wednesday it is still searching for 11 people missing after an explosion and fire at a Transocean Ltd. (RIG) drilling rig in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. It looks like there could be terrorist elements to the first act of sabotage on America’s oil industry. The rig, called the Deepwater Horizon, is still on fire and listing. The cause of the fire is under investigation, and there could be signs of a terrorist attack. Four Coast Guard helicopters, an airplane and five cutters responded to the incident.
It’s no secret that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is conspiring with Iran to make life for America difficult. Along with Mexico’s drug cartel La Familia and Chavez have a three prong effort to undermine the U.S.’s oil industry and influence in the region. This very suspicious explosion is the first of its kind on a U.S. oil rig in recent history (30 years).
Unfortunately, any investigation most likely won’t reveal the true cause of this explosion because the Obama administration is very sensitive about any events occurring on their watch. So it most likely will be covered up.
Iran’s Achilles heel is their gasoline supply and the West knows it. Today’s attack on our oil rig was Iran’s first warning shot meant to remind us that our gas and oil supplies are vulnerable and accessible.


Anonymous said...

Nick, you could be right in that it may very well be a terrorist attack!
Today, anything is possible! I sure wont dismiss you as a lunatic! In fact, I enjoy your comments! Keep up "the outside of the box thinking!" I encourage this way of thinking because Washington has become entirely too corrupt!

fEATher said...


Pentagon says Iranian Revolutionary Guard is in Venezuela

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Thanks for the article fEATher. I posted it on the blog just now. Just to give you a little background on my suspicion that Iran is in Venezuela. I posted several anti muslim articles on my blog and i got a lot of hits coming from Venezuela which we all know is Catholic. It seemed very strange to me at the time so I filled it away until now.
We got big problems. The Governor of Arizona looks like a hero now since we have Muslim terrorists just down the road now. We'll kick their asses as long as Asshole Obama does something about it.

Horizon3 said...

Sorry folks,

Is it possible that they planted an explosive device? Sure.

Could they have caused the well to blow out, No.

This was a human error accident, most likely caused by pulling the drill string out of the well too quickly, causing the well to "swab in" and ignoring the warning signs from the well, or a very serious equipment malfunction (Not Likely as the rig safety systems are redundant)