Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Obama Throws Everyone Under the Bus

Is this President out of his mind? Has he forgotten what the mother’s milk of politics is? Why is he continually throwing people and industries that have paid him millions in campaign contributions and support under the bus? With this new attack on Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) he is hell bent on dismantling it brick by brick. He has now trampled the banking/investment banking, energy, health care and auto industries into submission with many new targets in his scope.
With the now unconstitutional McCain-Feingold Act, corporations are due to unleash their venom on him in coming elections. This backlash from now trampled and future targets will spend billions on campaign ads to defeat him and any of his Progressive/Socialist supporters. This is one glimmer of hope Americans have to bank on.
Obama’s plan to destroy the US within his first term is only 6 months behind schedule. The long fight for his destruction of our health care industry has exhausted much of his political capital and most importantly “time.” Usually career politicians make sure they support the people that feed them with campaign contributions, but not this president. The label of ideologue seems to suit him well. His method is more compatible with the old communist saying “the ends justify the means.” He is hell-bent on reshaping America before the 2010 elections. It is forcing any subtleness that would normally be used, when changing a society, out into the open. As the recent polls indicate everything Obama and his liberal congress are doing is angering the American people more every day. So as he continues his onslaught on our private sector he frankly doesn’t give a damn. “The ends justify the means.” Polls now indicate the vast majority of Americans are not happy with Obama’s America and can’t wait to get rid of him. The upcoming Presidential election of 2012 will be the longest 33 months Americans will have to endure.
It’s my opinion that within that period of time America will endure traumas past generations have never felt. As I have mentioned in past articles it’s my belief and fear that this President will orchestrate many false flag operations to discredit any opposition to his agenda. I would not rule out union and street gang violence in major cities that would force the President along with his liberal Democrat mayors to impose martial law. The seizure of guns from law abiding citizens will be their first move in those cities. He knows that backlash from some Americans will be violent which he and his state controlled media will amplify across the America. Always demonizing the opposition even in the face of blatant violations of our Bill of Rights and Constitution, Obama has come to divide not unite. Read The Bloody Summer of 2010.
You see Obama doesn’t care about corporate campaign contributions. Obama has no interest in the well being of Americans. Obama has no loyalty to American interests and supporters. Obama has no plans for November elections nor 2012 elections. Obama couldn't care less about America, for his monetary and political support comes from afar not from within. Our great country is in deep trouble my friends!


Anonymous said...

2012 seems light years away. How much more dismantling can our country endure? By the time the current administration leaves town, America will be rendered unrecognizable.

Mike C. said...

Schumer and Delaware"s own Mike Castle are sponsoring legislation that will be a backdoor to the Supreme Court ruling regards corporate dollars for campaigns.The plot thickens!

Nicholas Contompasis said...

I never liked Castle's Cap n Trade vote. My ears went up big time on that one.
Who is Mike Castle now?
My family has long ties to him politically, now I'm starting to wonder.
Schumer is a punk ass liberal Jew that would sell out his own mother for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Vote Christian conservative next time and save America!
I'm off to In and Out Burger. YUM LOL