Monday, April 26, 2010

Desperate Obama - God Help Us

Desperate people do desperate things.
The Obama administration has now pushed the very controversial Cap 'n Trade bill aside for an immigration bill. This strategic move shouts volumes of what’s going on inside Obama’s den of iniquity. One has to realize that a passage of the Cap 'n Trade bill will literally make many on Capitol Hill multimillionaires and that includes our President. For them to drop this massive money grab for an immigration bill is a pure act of political desperation. With all Progressive candidates' polls crashing it seem a little too late for him to try and jam an immigration bill thru congress so as to flood the voting booths with new immigrant votes.
OK let’s stop for a moment and look at the American employment environment. We have unemployment at 10% and real unemployment at 17% with no hope in site. States like California have now recorded record high unemployment at over 12% with more coming. So why would Obama want to add 12 million illegal aliens to the unemployment rolls? Would we not have to pay them unemployment benefits? Would we not then have unemployment at 22% and real unemployment at 30%? Statistically this would invite more criticism of his administration and would cause such discord among the populace that voters would leave the democrat party in droves with a net loss in voters for Obama and his Pirates.
So why would Obama do such a thing? Obama is desperate for voters that will vote for him and his extortionists in congress, it’s just that simple. He even wants to extend voting privileges to prisoners. America is now seeing how lowlife this President is. His only concern is control of the congress and a never-ending Presidency.
I’m convinced that the flames now smoldering in Arizona will be fanned by Obama and his operatives into a violent confrontation between federal and state authorities coupled with burnings of white businesses in Tucson, Phoenix and Scottsdale. This will enrage Americans across the country with scattered outbreaks of discontent.
Obama has two paths to take, cause violence and cancel the November midterm elections which will insure his control of the congress or back off his immigration reform bill and let Arizona clean up the mess the Federal government caused. Don’t we all know which course he will pick? Buckle up. What I’ve written about in the past is about to come to fruition, God help America!

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