Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Bloody Summer of 2010

Today’s poll from the very reputable Pew Research Center says that only 22% of Americans trust the federal government. This is the lowest level our government has dipped to in over 50 years. The timing of this release for Monday morning news shows will hit the Obama Administration and congress like a ton of bricks. The poll points out that the vast majority of Americans have had it with their government.
I personally noticed while attending one of the country’s largest tea parties on Thursday that the people gave a lukewarm reception to even the Republican candidates running for congress. There is an antigovernment feeling spreading across the country and its growing every day. People interviewed in the poll said that “it’s all lies that come from our congressmen and President.” They went on to say, coupled with the lies is something I felt was more ominous, the interference in their daily lives by the government. This is something American’s have never had to deal with historically, the intrusion into one’s personal life.
This intrusion has just begun with the passing of the health care bill and executive orders. This is not good. Nothing good can come from the dissatisfaction with our government. November’s midterm elections now seem like an eternity away as the anger in America mounts. I have never been more fearful for my fellow Americans than now.
If Obama wants war he just could get it if this anger continues, which it seems it will. Based on the timing and most importantly the time of year, this summer just could be remembered as The Bloody Summer of 2010. Obama knows that when you get the people fired up enough it won’t take much for someone to light the fuse. That light could come from either side depending on who wants a fight more. Make no mistake about it, the day is coming when you will see an angry President Obama on TV, an angry President angry at the American people and that will be the day his Presidency ends.
I remember the early ‘60s and ‘70s very well and this is much worse and much bigger. The truth is finally here. It’s the realization that our government is to be feared and is now despised. The hope, dreams and change that Obama promised were just empty promises and lies. It seems that all Obama has delivered are more confusing laws, taxes and a queasy feeling of insecurity for the defense of our country. How could we have gone from such heights to such lows in such a short period of time? Easy, Barrack Hussein Obama!


Anonymous said...

We're witnessing antigovernment sentiment that's for sure, but I don't think it's anywhere near what we'll see if the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, is infringed upon. This is the one area that will truly be the defining moment of what path this country takes.

MidnightPoet said...

The "second" law enforcement "attempts" to take our guns, this nation will see a "blood bath" the likes of which the Civil War never experienced! The government is not powerful enough to accomplish such a feat, because they don't realize the sh*t they are about to get themselves into, and may God help them for being "so ignorant" of the fact that "We The People" still have much more power than they ever even realize!!!

Anonymous said...

I truly fear this will come to pass, I can only hope the loudly outspoken and opinionated masses keep their heads down and our Country Survives in tact.


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