Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio Show 4/15/10

Nick Nation Patriot Talk Radio Show

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Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody - Our lst Lady thinks Mexico is a safe place to bring the family & kids. So if you're wondering what to do with the kids this summer, Mexico should be your destination. Don't worry about the drug cartels, murderers and thieves ransacking the country. I'm sure one's perception of safety could become somewhat skewed when they're traveling with an entourage of armed security 24-7. Puhleeze!!!

"Our embassies are not discouraging American visitors. I think that they are encouraging them to be aware and to be smart as they travel," she said in an interview with ABC News today. "I think that's good advice anywhere in the world, you have to be smart, conscientious, particularly young people who are taking their spring breaks and their minds are elsewhere."

"I would encourage any American to spend time here," she said.

If that Mexico thing works out good for you, next year try Afghanistan!!