Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Timothy McVeigh is No Tea Party

Yesterday on the Shawn Hannity Show on Fox News Dick Morris, once handler of Bill Clinton while in the White House revealed for the first time that President Clinton orchestrated the attack on Waco, Texas where hundreds of Christians were killed by the overzealous Bill Clinton. Men, women and children were killed by the FBI on national TV while this Progressive President showed his disdain for Religion.
Now Clinton in recent speeches is condemning the Tea Party and laying the blame on them for any future violence. Morris yesterday correctly pointed out to Hannity that Bill should look at his own actions before he points fingers at others. Let's not forget that Timothy McVeigh acted out by blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma City after the murders committed by Clinton.
I’m still wondering why anyone listens to this big mouth hypocrite. Morris didn’t go into details about the comments made by Clinton to him but I’m sure there is much more to tell. There is one thing that frightens me about Clinton's comment. Usually when a high profile politician like Clinton makes a comment such as that of the Tea Party, you have to wonder if he knows something that we don’t. Maybe he knows of an Obama false flag operation that will be blamed on the Tea Party. We all know how threatening the Tea Party is to the Obama administration so any attempt to discredit them is expected. The nonviolent Tea Party movement in America is now the largest political movement since, well I can remember and that’s a long time. Let’s not forget about the infamous Clinton statement to Ted Kennedy about Obama stating that "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” This was revealed in the hit book Game Change. That comment cost his wife Kennedy’s support for President in 2008. Maybe it’s time for Bill to be left amoungst the sophomores at spring break and ignored, like forever "DUDE."

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Anonymous said...

Game Change, good read. Another good book is Karl Rove's Courage and Consequence.