Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Obama Carcass is Rotting

The fate of the common man is nearly sealed as the regime tightens a noose around the average American's neck. Four years ago almost anything was possible and now, well now nothing is possible except the deliberate decline of America. What society would deliberately lower its standard of living to satisfy the hoards at the gate? Why would a leader smother the ambitions and aspirations of its people because theirs was not the global norm?
After hundreds of years of selective breeding that champion the human spirit, now it’s wrong to excel and strive for greatness. Can a people so highly tuned for success switch to mediocrity? Could this be the ultimate insult to the great people of America many of whom have survived tyrannical governments to prosper here? Does the now leader of America not realize the caliber of Americans and their drive for excellence? Americans are demanding, impatient, and fiercely self directed which this leader has conveniently overlooked. It appears that our illustrious leader only sees what he wants to see. He addresses only the problems he thinks are important to a small minority while ignoring the vast majority.
This may be a fatal mistake for his regime as his popularity declines close to unrecoverable levels. His once allies are now looking for the exits and once competitors now eye his seat. Yes just 16 months into his first and last term this President's carcass is now being eyed for consumption by the political vultures ever circling.

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