Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aaron Klein Has Obama in His Crosshairs in His New Book - "The Manchurian President"

This article is to the tens of thousands of followers of my blog who realize that Barack Obama is the biggest threat to our national security and economic future. Aaron Klein my new hero from Israel, who is an investigative reporter and radio talk show host on New York’s WABC, will be releasing his new book “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists.”
If you haven’t heard of him, I would suggest tuning into his show Sundays on the internet or buying his new book. He seems to be the only guy out there who's doing his homework, homework most concerned citizens and Tea Party people are doing, but not our main stream media. He has the guts to interview the people that need to be interviewed, terrorists and leaders of hostile movements. His enthusiastic approach could someday get him killed like Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl by al Qaeda in Pakistan but until then we can all learn from what he has to report.
This week he will be flying from Israel to New York to push his new blockbuster book “The Manchurian President.” This will be one of those watershed moments in Jewish-American politics. It will be the wakeup call they should have heeded in November of '08. Klein back then was ignored and brushed off as a typical Jew defending his homeland. This last week of April 2010 just could be one of Barack Obama’s worst with Klein exposing most of his anti-American contacts and relationships. Klein plans a blitz of advertising and personal appearances which will most likely gnaw on Obama's nerves.
This book will probably miss most Americans but it’s the liberal Jews in America who will be his target. Since 77% of Jews voted for him many are now rethinking what Obama is all about and this book will be what liberal Jews can point to as proof he is anti-Semitic and an enemy to their homeland. Again, let’s not forget that 15% of our US Senate are liberal Jew and they represent 35% of the American population. This is why 1.9% (US Jewish population) of our country must wake up before it’s too late for them, their homeland, and our country.

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