Sunday, November 1, 2009

Keep Your Guns Covered, for Now !

In my article last week " Martial Law in America is Coming ! " I predicted that President Obama will in 2011- 2012 attempt to disrupt and delay our Presidential election's. He will declare Martial Law or simply delay elections in the fall of 2012 because of civil disorder initiated by him through executive orders angering White Conservative Christians.

With that said, after noticing the shift in voters attitude going into the November 3rd elections across the country, President Obama may have to move up, his plan for disruption.

After further thought on the matter, I've come to the conclusion that Obama will move this plan into action over the next 12 months, with a delaying of the Mid Term Elections, November 2nd 2010. With more voters becoming disenchanted by his policies, control of the congress will strongly shift to the right and he will do anything to stop that.
Remember the Left will not go away quietly. This extraction will be very painful for America but it will be necessary for the survival of our country.

By shifting his plan to the hot summer of 2010, Obama with the help of his ACORN subsidiaries and Unions will attempt to disrupt Tea Parties and Republican Rallies. This disruption will start violence across the country by angering Conservatives.

Obama knows that many on the right are only a breath away from pulling the trigger and that's what he wants.

By pulling this during the Mid Term Elections it takes the heat off of his election and points the finger at Conservatives and Tea Party Organizations.

Expect something very violent going into the last week of October 2010, initiated by Obamas thugs to justify his call for Martial Law and delay of the elections thus maintaining his control of the congress.

As I've stated in prior articles, its very important not to play into Obamas plan for Martial Law. So, you must not react violently to Obamas ploys. If you want to keep your guns, its best to keep them covered, FOR NOW !

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