Monday, November 9, 2009

The Gay Muslim Terrorist of Ft. Hood

Major Nidal Hasan the Ft. Hood Muslim Terrorist who massacred many at that sprawling military base last week just may have been involved in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and may very well be gay.
Based on new information being released on Maj. Hasan, he was in contact with many of the 9/11 terrorists and a radical cleric from one of the local Washington D.C. Mosques.
He was in contact with these individuals on and around the period of the attack on the Pentagon.
Every day more information about his many contacts with Al Qaeda are being released leading many in, yes, the media to realize that this was a deliberate act of terrorism.
It seems also, that political correctness, has now infected our military, since many senior officers reported Maj. Hasans anti American views and nothing was done to discharge him from the ranks.
It looks like political correctness will eventually be the death of us all if we continue to let it.
As for Maj. Hasans sexuality, being homosexual in the Muslim world is not a very good thing to be. Many homosexuals in the Muslim world realize that it would be a death sentence to admit to being gay. The guilt of not fitting into his strict religion must have sent this very lonely and disparate man into a classic suicide terrorist mode.
Many Muslim suicide terrorists are homosexuals who are looking for a way to end their lives respectfully in the eyes of Allah. Knowing that this suppression of their inner feelings could some day expose them, they choose to shorten their lives by committing themselves to the radical Muslim cause.
In the end they go to their graves knowing that there families are proud of the sacrifice they have made. This is a very sick and twisted balance of a man trying to be a part of something he knows he cannot and a demand to give ones self to his God.


Anonymous said...

Why is Hasan referred to as the "suspected" Fort Hood shooter? Last time I looked the word "suspected" up in the dictionary I found: regarded or deserving to be regarded with suspicion. Does anyone of sound mind have any doubts or suspicions as to who slaughtered 13 innocent people at Fort Hood? I think the headlines should be reading: Cold blooded killer apprehended and awaiting execution. Oh yeah, let's not jump to conclusions.

woodwarddc said...

For the same reason the press always prefaces a statement about a crimal with "alleged." It's to avoid being accused of slandering anyone thus opening themselves up to a lawsuit. Legally it's a sensible course of action in our litigious society.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Woodwarddc. I guess my rational side knows that.....but it's still a hard pill to swallow.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Great comments. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How many people know that Hasan served on a Presidential Transition Task Force? Oh yeah! It's not getting a lot of media coverage. Oh yeah!


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