Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Time to Stop the Corruption of Democracy !

As an American of Greek parentage I've always been proud of the many accomplishments of my ancient relatives. From the creation of the Olympics to the Sciences, ancient Greeks blazed a path for modern day civilization, with the crowning jewel being "Democracy". The greatest system of government known to man. With this jewel, millions of people around the world have lived free and open lives for centuries. Lives free of tyranny and oppression. Free of slavery and free of the suppression of civil rights. Rights that are God given.
But, unfortunately, there are many around the world and in this country that seem to think that"Democracy"has played itself out. They no longer feel its necessary. They feel that the people should no longer control the government, it should control them.
The corruption of the Democratic process of electing civilian officials seems to increase year by year.
From Afghanistan to New Jersey this corruption is everywhere. It's a cancer that feeds on the spoils of hard working citizens that are being taxed to the limit and in return receiving less representation.
For you, the citizens of Democracies in the world, are now the "Suckers" of the world. Your used, taxed, ordered and lied too on a daily basis as you lose more of your civil rights.
As you slowly see our Representative Democracy's turned into quasi monarchies and fascist dictatorships its time to say, STOP !
The democrat party in America, who took their very name from the great governing
system Democracy, now are the greatest violators of its promised trust. The same architects of this corruption are now exporting this skill around the world to further usurp the common mans rights for their own riches and power.
With every close election in America the corruption is there. It crawls the ground of cities and states like an evil serpent ready to strike with its poisonous fangs.
In South America "Democracy" is now just another word for dictatorship, with Presidential terms never ending.
It's time to STOP the corruption of Democracy. It's time to STOP the corruption of the election process. It's time to STOP the endless terms that officials keep. It's time to STOP and save this jewel, given so many years ago, to represent every man and women.
It's time to save the one last hope for the world.

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