Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Know Where You Can Stick That Big Republican Tent !

Christian Voters in America have had it with a socialist Hollywood and their anti American/anti Christian movies. Liberal Jews and their ever increasing control of every aspect of our Government, Wall Street, Unions and Media Industry. Atheists and their never ending attacks on every aspect of the Christian religion. Gay marriage and its never ending attempt to teach their perverted sexual behavior in our schools. Angry Restitution Blacks that expect to be paid for the slavery days. And finally, just about every elected Senator and Congressman including our illustrious President who are hell bent on destroying our countries economic system. In one paragraph I have described the democrat party in America. All disenfranchised fringe groups that have no end game. Spiritually and morally bankrupt people that want to spread their meaningless life styles across the country and are well on their way doing just that.
I have no plans on sharing my big tent with these idiot !
Well, last nights elections in New Jersey and Virgina proved that the moral backbone of America is strong and on the march again.
Many in the media have said that this is a conservative revolution very much like what happened in the early 90's.
Yes, your seeing conservatism on the upswing but its my feeling that what you saw on Tuesday's elections was more of an out pouring of people of faith who have been silent too long.
Christians are the majority in America, they can take back the country in one election and that election is coming in 2010.
The people of faith have tolerated the kooks and nuts of our country long enough. Its over, we're not taking this crap any more. The tail will cease to wag the dog. It's time for the grownups to take back the country.


Jody said...

ok, I can't take it any more either. But some of my closest friends and family are liberal jews. I don't believe what they believe. The people you should blame is the government, the educational system and all that the government controls. Liberals blame groups, don't go there. I'd appreciate it if you do not put down my family.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

1)1.8% of US Population is Jewish.
2.)80% of them voted for this abortion of a President (liberal Jews).
3.)1/3 of the US population is represented by a Liberal Jewish Senator.
4.)The White House is controlled by Liberal Jews.
5.)The majority of the US Media including Hollywood is controlled or owned by liberal Jews. That's a fact!
6.)The most powerful money people on Wall Street are Jewish from Greenspan to Bernanke to Madoff.
I have just listed only the tip of the ice berg.
You lose your creditability when you try and defend liberal Jews.
With Obama in office they have painted themselves into a corner and they will most likely pay for this blunder.
In less than 1 year the Christian voters in America will make political history by sweeping out these anti Americans.
If your family and friends are liberal, they are dangerous for you, your family and your country.

I think you know this but that's your problem not mine.

This problem has been developing for years and now is in our faces more and more every day as we watch TV, read and watch movies. From the President of SEIU, one of the largest Unions in America to even Rupert Merdock the owner of Fox News, ALL JEWS trying to control our lives.

Well, it stops now.......................

Nicholas Contompasis said...

And for the record I'm Pro Israel and Pro conservative Jewish.
"LIBERAL" is the operative word here, not anitsemetic!

Jody said...

thanks for adding that in. The point is, I am pro Jewish and anti Liberal. Don't tell me you are anti Jewish and don't promote it.

"If your family and friends are LIBERAL, they are dangerous for you, your family and your country."