Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Increasing Unemployment Rate is Treasonous !

President Obama will not do what is necessary to correct the economic free fall our country is experiencing because it would mean he would have enact measures that are very Republican. He has no plans of correcting our dilemma, that act alone is TREASONOUS.
It is not only a treasonous act, it is a Racist Act and this President is proving every day his Racist attitude towards White Americans !

It's my belief that President Obama is purposely "unemploying" America as a payback to "White Americans" who have supposedly suppressed the African American population for years.

The United States of America is now in a depression, not because of George Bush, not because of the credit crunch, it's because of Barack Obama and his White House criminals !

This is in my eyes a criminal act that President Obama should be prosecuted for.
I have included in this article part of a financial letter I sent to my clients on December 15th 2008. It relates to unemployment in America, 12 months ago. As you read it, you will see that the 10.2 % unemployment and 17 % real unemployment numbers ( which qualifies this economic down turn as a depression ) reported today, is holding true to my predictions.

My prediction of 10% unemployment in 12 months was, if no stimulus money was spent. Since unemployment now, after 12 months is over 10%, it can be assumed that the stimulus money was no help to employing the American People.

This Administration is derelict in its obligation to employ America. Since they have spent very little of the $800 billion of stimulus money, I can only come to one conclusion and that is, that this President wants unemployment to rise.

My Letter

Date : December 15th 2008

Subject : Unemployment in the U.S.

To :

"In the United States the work force is 153 million including unemployed. That means that 10 million are unemployed at 6.8% ( the most recent numbers for November 2008 ).
Since November 2008 numbers are so great, one would call the most employable time of the year we should see much bigger numbers in coming months for unemployment to reach 10% which is higher than experts predict and headed for the rates recorded during the Great Depression we would have to lose 5 million more jobs in the next 12 months or and average of 410,000 jobs per month. With the auto industry blowing in the wind this is a very doable number, bankruptcies or not. The auto industry alone could lose half of the needed 5 million jobs to reach 10%.
A few numbers to remember are that during the 11 years of the depression unemployment never went below 15% and went as high as 25%. Could this happen again you ask, you bet it could and just may happen since not only are we in a economic decline but the world is also in an economic down swing. It appears that we have been living on top of a house of cards that have decided to crumble.
There is a point when this unemployment number becomes a snowball which seems to never stop as it rolls down a hill leading for an eventual oak tree at the bottom of a hill. I think November 2008 unemployment numbers are the beginning of the snowballs decent. My theory is that the numbers get bigger as they feed off each other.
The new administration is going to try and stop this snowball ( infrastructure build outs ) but will it be in time before the snowball meets the big oak tree in a galactic explosion that will take years for the U.S. and global economies to recover from."

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