Friday, November 27, 2009

The Obama Party Crashers

I imagine if Osama bin Laden walked into the White House dressed as a tall (very tall) blond with a bomb strapped around his waist, old Joe Biden, our village idiot Vice President, would have wrapped his arm around Osama's waist ignoring the bomb while going straight for his ass. "Excuse me Ms. Laden, can I get us a drink and a room."
This is turning out to be a funny incident but we should remember this kind of high level party crashing exposes flaws in any security system.
Truly, the very radical right who would love to see Obama disappear in a puff of C-4 smoke as soon as possible are loving this lapse in security.
Do you think Al-Qaeda is watching, you bet they are and they're taking notes.
It's just a matter of time before this amateur act of an administration implodes due to numerous blunders and miss-steps.
We may have some political correctness at work here since the crashers last name is Arab and oh let's not question anyone with that kind of name since that would be profiling, wouldn't it?
Wouldn't it have been ironic if a politically correct decision, took out the President of the United States?
But never fear if anything big happens, we'll still have Joey and those horrible hair plugs to guide us, PARTY ON DUDE !


Anonymous said...

This couple actually shook hands with President Obama in the receiving line. Unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

And I heard that Cinderella actually spent 7 hours at a beauty salon before attending the gala. Wow.......her beautician needs a career change. Her client still looks like 'swamp thing'
But she appears to be eye-candy for our boy Joe.


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