Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What the Hell is an Obama Democrat?

With the weakening of the Democrat Party across the country, many struggling candidates are looking towards Washington for help in their campaigns to defeat the new surge of Conservative candidates. With hats in hand, these desperate democrats face one of their biggest decisions in politics, should they sell their soul to become a "Obama Democrat".

" What the hell is an Obama Democrat?" I thought they were called Democrats ! Is there now a litmus test for entering into the Obama Mafia, formally known as the Democrat Party ? Is Obama now providing protection and support to these candidates in exchange for their soul ? Is it now required to crawl into the Oval Office for an opportunity to kiss the Godfathers ring ?
Well, it appears so, as the Presidents policies continue to force more politicians from the left to seek cover.
This weeks elections are exposing many of the Obama tentacles that are reaching far into local politics. Maybe, a little to far, for many local officials.
Its obvious that Obamas Plan for America will stretch into every nook and cranny of every big city and small town across the nation.
That "Plan" is for control over everything you and I do. He seeks that America, marches in lockstep with his ideas, not yours and if your not with him he will crush your resistance.
Doesn't that sound a lot like Adolph Hitler in the 30's as he consolidated control over Germany ?
I think it does and you should be very concerned with these developments.
Obama is a master at Election Fraud and will be using that skill in the New Jersey elections November 3rd.
Normal democrats across the country should be worried that the party they've been following for decades is being transformed into a evil entity. Are these same democrats going to follow as one massive conga line headed over an Obama cliff ?
The seeds of this evil were sowed many years ago. Now the perfect environment has been provided for the growth of one of the deadliest threats this country has every experienced. A threat that will be very difficult to extract but it can be done. It must be done before its too late.

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