Sunday, November 8, 2009

Timothy M. Dolan American Christian Hero !

Finally the Christian Voice is starting to be heard. It was heard last year in California when Proposition 8 passed, denying gay marriage and this month in Maine for the same reason.

It was heard in New Jersey when the people kicked out a Liberal Jewish governor for a Pro-Life Roman Catholic.

In Virginia the people tossed out a Roman Catholic who spoke out of both sides of his mouth on abortion and gay marriage for a straight shooting Pro-Life anti gay marriage Roman Catholic.

The far lefts actions are galvanizing Christians across the country. Christians have been turning the other cheek for decades and are now slapping back with their votes.

For years the Liberal Jews in the media and Hollywood have been conducting a secret war on the Majority Religion, with almost no rebuttal by Christians.

Officially, this week a new American Hero has emerged from the Catholic Church. The church is now finally feeling the power that is rising in America and New York Roman Catholic Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is now taking on the Liberal Jewish, New York Times for its bashing of the church.

His "blog" has now become the new battle ground in defense of the Church and it's working.

The Health Care debate is exposing the dirty secret that the "Left" wants to keep hidden. The sanctity of life is primary to Christians but not to a godless government run by godless politicians who have no respect for your life or mine.

When you analyze all of the major issues of everyday life it still comes down to religious morals. Whether your Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Atheist or whatever you are, you are what you believe. Those beliefs effect how you vote in elections and are very hard to resist.

From the "Terrorist" at Ft. Hood chanting "Allah Ahkbar" to Pro Choice activists protesting against Christians it will always come down to your beliefs, "religious beliefs".

In America, Christians have and always will be the majority and for the near future will continue to be the majority. Christian Morality has always been the backbone of our countries greatness.

That greatness is now ascending once again to save the country from the many disenfranchised fringe groups that have seized control.
I am confident that as every Christian finds his and her voice in this struggle, Christianity and America will regain its luster as a beacon of strength and freedom for all people.