Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Grown Radical Muslim Terrorist Act

Now we have another home grown Muslim terrorist attack in America. This time it's an American born person in our military. His parentage is from the middle east. He has always been a Muslim.
So let's not mince words, this person and his act, was and is a Radical Muslim Terrorist Act.
Anything less would be lies to the American People. To sweep this under the carpet by the liberal press would be an act of collusion.
This is just another glaring incident proving that the Muslim religion is a unbridled, out of control tradition, not religion. This traditions goal is world domination and control over its people with death being the ultimate goal.
Sound sick ? It sure does and is if you choose this horrible tradition. So, its not so much where they come from but whether they're part of this heinous tradition called "Muslim".


Rotti said...

Interesting take on it, but I don't disagree, although I do think the guy cracked.

We need to stay vigilant around all Muslims. I'm sure you read about our recent foiled terror attack in Detroit. The Ummah got killed by a Detroit in the end, but again those were homegrown terrorists, even thoug they were black.

Anonymous said...

so what is the solution? not allow muslms in the military?

Nicholas Contompasis said...

To Anonymous
That would be a good start. Russia's army is now at 40% Muslim. That is very troubling for the US and Russia.
Now they are killing people in Florida. Looks like this Ft Hood attack was a signal to other Muslims in the country to attack Americans.

Rotti said...

we should not cater to them. they can practice their religion in their own homes and churches, we practice ours. At the University of MI, they actually allow them to wash their feet before they go down on their carpets to pray. Come on, is that necessary. My mother always taught me, when in Rome do as the Romans do. But Obama gives them too many privileges.

Anonymous said...

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