Sunday, November 22, 2009

SNL - Obama Honeymoon is Over - Big Time !

You should all be asking why has SNL suddenly started attacking President Obama and his wife Michelle? I'm sure many of you are not aware of the soon to be sale of NBC owned by GE to Comcast. With a giant umbilical cord reaching from the White House to the CEO office of Jeffrey Immelt, NBC along with MSNBC and shows produced by NBC have all been bought and paid for by the Obama Administration.
This has been due to the sucking up of Immelt to obtain government contracts worth billions of dollars to GE. Immelt's mismanagement of the once mighty General Electric Company has forced him so sell his soul for anything the government can hand out.
Now, with the departure of GE, SNL has free reign to say what needs to be said, Finally!
With that said this mocking of President Obama by Saturday Night Live last night just could be the final straw that will snap our "Man Child President" out of his ridiculous economic policies, fat chance.
Its funny and just could go down as a classic SNL skit. Enjoy.

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