Saturday, November 21, 2009

Andy Stern of SEIU, The New Jimmy Hoffa !

SEIU President Andy Stern wants to be the Jimmy Hoffa of the 21st century and is well on his way. As Stern the Liberal Jewish Socialist meets with President Obama 26 times at the White House he has directed his thugs around the country to alter union votes, intimidate members, break federal mail laws and on and on.
It appears that this scrawny little punk with a Napoleonic Complex wants to reorganize his union to fit the new workings of the National Health Care Bill.
SEIU is now a dictatorship with Stern and Obama at the helm.
The plan is for Obama to get as many SEIU members contracts with the "new 140 organizations" the Health Care Bill will be funding.
Let's remember, in the future every person that touches you in a hospital will be a SEIU member controlled by Stern and his thugs. This will eventually be the Doctors too.
As these soon to be millions of members, all paid by your tax dollars, pay their dues, again your tax dollars, to Andy Stern, he than sends the money on to the DNC and Obama as campaign contribution, while all of them take their cut.
The inner city liberal democrats have been using ACORN to launder money this way for years. Since the The Fox News Channel has blown the cover on ACORN the usual suspects are looking towards SEIU to provide similar services.
Those services are the conversion of federal funds into campaign contributions. This is legal money laundering of your tax dollars and you should be mad as hell and screaming across the country.
We can only remember what happened to Mr. Jimmy Hoffa, President of the Teamsters Union who disappeared over union spoils and control.
Unions are just another name for "Gangs, Mobs, Crooks and Thugs. The only difference between them and your every day criminal is who they're having lunch with.
As you watch this video remember even the members of SEIU smell a rat, 2 rats that go by the names of Obama and Stern.

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Anonymous said...

"We prefer to use the power of persuasion but if that doesn't work, we use the persuasion of power." I guess that philosophy pretty much sums it up.