Friday, November 20, 2009

The Christian Declaration of Independance From the U.S. Government

Today November 20th 2009, the Christians of America issued their Declaration of Independence from the United State of America. Today the Christians of America have finally stood up in a joyous voice of unity to declare that they as a unified Christian faith are standing up against the many unwarranted injustices brought upon them over the past several years.
This was an unprecedented group of mostly ministry leaders, Christian clergy and scholars. They put together a 4,700-word statement addressing the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty. The statement issues a notice to Christians to adhere to their beliefs. They went on to send a statement to governments that they will not "under any circumstance” discard their Christian faith.
In other words they have declared that they will no longer be silent and will use the churches of America to fight against the encroaching immorality of our government that is sapping the life from America.
With that said, about 25 years ago something similar to this happened in America. It was called the Moral Majority. Well, they're back and are still the majority, with "majority" being the operative word.
Ronald Reagan rode that wave into the White House and it lasted for over a decade. We took down the Soviet Union and freed millions in eastern Europe.
Now, it seems that American Christians have had it and are about to become activists similar to the Martin Luther King style.
As California found out last year the church is alive and well and still wielding a sharp sword as they single handily defeated gay marriage in a very liberal state.
This is a battle that the left is going to lose and lose in a big way.
This recent development is Mr. Obamas worst nightmare. His anti religion, anti respect for life and anti American views fly in the face of most Americans, most God and country loving Americans.
But what is more important about this development is the fact that these religious leaders know we have a religious struggle with the radical Muslims of the world and it must be recognized as just that.
They realize that the political correctness that our country has developed will destroy us, our religion and now is the time to stand up against it.
Things are about to change in America in a big way. The complacent Christians of America are waking up to the battle cry that will take our country back from the fragmented leftist that have taken over America.

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