Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sinclair Say's That Obama is Bi-Sexual - Look What Happened to Him This Week

This is from Larry Sinclair's website and describes his encounter with the U.S. Secret Service this week.
Published August 7, 2010
Today I was pulled over by the US Secret Service after driving down Pennsylvania Ave looking for a parking space. I was ordered out of my vehicle, ordered to put my hands on my head then on the wall of the parking garage, I was searched as was my car. I was held on the street by 5 uniformed SS Agents until 2 plain clothes agents in a black SUV arrived.
I was asked why I went to the National Press Club; who invited me to the NPC and why. They wanted to know the addresses of where I had gone to look at renting. They gave me a phone number for the DC office telling me to call them and tell this its "Larry Sinclair, I am calling to update my address!" I was photographed on the street by four different agents and camera as was my car and my Lic Plate. In addition the Secret Service try to say there was... a warrant in Florida for my arrest which is completely untrue! When I was finally told I could go the original agent who pulled me over told me he had to give me a ticket to justify stopping me to begin with. The agents with the exception of the brashness in ordering me out of my car and to put my hands on my head, were respectful from then on. Agents stated "you do know what this is about and you understand it is not going to be the last time this happens." US Secret Service Agent Tomezak (his handwriting is hard to read) Badge Number 1367 was the agent to first pull me over. He stated he knew my plate number by heart and my vehicle description. I know he was just doing what he was ordered to do, but when does this abuse and misuse of the Secret Service to harass people stop?


Anonymous said...

You do know that he's tried to contact Obama's kids via email and a video he created. He tried to contact Obama's grandmother on her death bed. And among other things he done or sent to the Whitehouse, including other threats, he sent photos of the president and his wife riddled with bullet holes.

Regardless of who is in the Whitehouse, the USSS can't ignore a person doing that stuff. Sinclair wanted their attention and he eventually got it. And now he's trying to get media attention by playing the 'victim'.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

If what you say is true. Sinclair is off base. It's one thing to expose the President for being bi-sexual, it's another to harass the family. Especially the kids. That's not right.
He seems to be very angry at the President. This anger may be based is his inability to effect the president for what they did. Just a thought.