Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama – It’s All About Saudi Arabia – 8:00 P.M. Tuesday August 31st 2010

“That fucker never served, how does he know?” Jimmy spouted out during the President’s speech ending our combat mission in Iraq. The President went on with his short and now remodeled Oval Office speech. Dave noticed the President's demeanor as being spent and lifeless. He gave just credit to his predecessor George Bush, who started the ball rolling over there. That must have made his supporters on the far left go nutso, Dave thought. Dave was now juggling thoughts between the President’s speech and Jimmy’s narration of the speech. His mouth almost dropped after hearing Jimmy’s comment about him not serving. For a Secret Service guy he sure seemed hostile towards his boss. He was hoping he could get to the bottom of what Jimmy was witnessing while guarding the President. It now appeared there was a connection between the hostility and what the President was doing. This all needed to jibe, the rug, Jimmy’s observations and the Commander-in-Chief.

Dave and Jimmy had arranged to meet this evening to discuss what he observed while on the job protecting the President. After the speech, Jimmy unloaded with something that Dave didn’t expect. It was a question. It was a question that a guy like Jimmy shouldn’t be asking. “What is Operation: Alice in Wonderland?” Wow, Dave thought, how could an S.S. man get access to a high level code name like that? Dave paused and looked across at Jimmy wondering how to handle this one.

After a few moments Dave thought he’d best let Jimmy talk and he should ask the questions. Answering a question with a question was the first sign of a lie or deception. He wondered if Jimmy was smart enough to know that signal.

“OK Jimmy, what did you hear and see?” “I saw and heard plenty and as for that operation, you might as well kiss it goodbye.” Dave had worked on the operation for most of his time with the Agency; any talk of it being dismantled made him nervous. Too many American troops and operatives had died enforcing the operation for this President to just pull the plug before attaining its goal of complete containment of Iran.

Jimmy went on and described how high level reports were being strewn around the President's bedroom while down in the Gulf of Mexico. He went on and described two other incidents of similar occurrences in Chicago and New York. The reports would have been left for the next occupants if it wasn’t for him noticing.

Dave sat back in his modern Scandinavian leather chair and stared at Jimmy before he shot back at him, “Well Jimmy, did you read them?” Jimmy had the highest clearance anyone in his job could have, but it wasn’t high enough to read that shit, Dave knew. Jimmy thought if he stepped over this line and answered yes to Dave’s questions, he could be charged with several criminal acts. He sure as hell didn’t want to go to jail, but something in him said talk to Dave, he would understand. For the short time they knew each other Jimmy trusted Dave and unknown to Jimmy, Dave trusted Jimmy.

Jimmy paused for a second and said yes to Dave’s question as he spilled the beans on what the operation was all about and was quite candid about some of his findings. He found it amazing that the invasion of Iraq wasn’t about weapons of mass destruction nor Iraq’s oil fields, but more about Saudi Arabia’s oil fields. The Saudi’s knew of Tehran’s ambition to take over their oil fields and since the West benefited most from the flow of oil coming from them it would be the West that would set up a buffer zone between Iran and Saudi Arabia. That buffer zone was called Iraq as the 578th day of the Obama Presidency was looking forward to Middle Eastern peace talks tomorrow like going in for a root canal.

Special Note:

This has been taken from Now the Eagle http://nowtheeagle.blogspot.com/ a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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