Friday, August 13, 2010

The New Face of America - The Nazi's Have Arrived

This picture was taken 70 years ago when the Nazi’s marched into Paris. It was the picture that shot around the world and proved that one photo can say ten thousand words. Look closely at this man’s face. It’s now the face of America as the Obama administration and the liberal left congress destroy our wonderful country. Will you cry or will you do something about it? This is America’s defining moment. As the 21st century Nazi’s march down your main street will you stop them or will you just cry?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I hope we don't continue to be like the French and just cry while allowing these lousy progressive socialists to complete their plans to ruin our country.

Anonymous said...

I wish that people weren't so ignorant. Liberalism means equality for all. Why do the conservatives have to make it so hard? What's wrong with having equal oppurtunities to every race, religion and sexual orientation? America was made to offer a place in the world where everyone can be free and live together peacefully. If we don't try to make that happen we will crumble and collapse. (Also, the Nazi's were fascist not communist or liberal.) People need to stop being sticks in the mud and try to make the country better for everyone rather than complaining about the President. I mean seriously, Obama was not a bigger mistake than Bush Jr. was. I don't think you can possibly be worse than that. And get real, a socialist take over? Not even in the realm of possibility. There's too many right-winged nut jobs to ever let it get that extreme. All Obama is doing is trying to make equal oppurtunities and equal rights which we still have not achieved, hard to believe in the 21st century. We will always be a capital democracy, allowing everyone to have a job and live in a higher standard of life isn't going to change that.

Anonymous said...

EQUAL opportunities would be fine.
Affirmative Action is not equal.
Taxing my hard earned money and giving it to someone who sits on their bottom is not equal.
Taxing my hard earned money and giving to to someone for an abortion is not equal. If someone wants a higher standard of life - let them work for it!
Stop looking so much at labels (Nazi, fascist, liberal, republican, democrat) and look at the ACTIONS. Compare the ACTIONS of the Obama regime with Hitler's.

Also, we are not a "capital democracy" we are a Constitutional Republic.
It's an indication of a lack of a coherent argument or a dearth of facts when one resorts to name calling - i.e., "ignorant", "right-winged nut jobs".

alanstorm said...

"I wish that people weren't so ignorant."

Stop wishing - try to learn something, so you won't be so ignorant.

I started to dissect your childish rant, but I don't have all day, and you're probably not smart enough to grasp the criticism anyway.

"...Obama was not a bigger mistake than Bush Jr. was. I don't think you can possibly be worse than that."

Any citations to back up this assertion?

"Also, the Nazi's were fascist..."

Yes, and you need to quaint yourself with some of their characteristics, which the current administration displays in spades, the most prominent being titular private ownership of major industries with heavy government control. Gm and Chrysler ring a bell? The health care "reform"? Financial "reform"?

Maybe once you get out of high school you'll start to learn something. Composition would be a start.

Anonymous said...

alanstorm is an idiot and clearly doesn't know fascism from his own bung-hole. Calling the previous poster's post a "childish rant" is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Let me spell it out for you: fascism is GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP and OPERATION of major corporate industry. What we currently have is the other way around...corporations that own and operate the government, courtesy of Bush 2 and Clinton. How's that been workin out for the average American? The top 2% are doing better than ever. The rest? Not so much. Seriously, you need to pick up a book and learn some history before you criticize others because you clearly have NO FUCKING CLUE what you're talking about.