Tuesday, August 10, 2010

11:39 A.M. Monday August 9th 2010 – Obama – Texas Persuasion

As the President bounced off Air Force One in Austin, Texas he was greeted by Governor Rick Perry. There were no Democrat candidates nor Democrat elected officials there to greet the Leader of their party, just Rick Perry. As the lanky Black President reached the bottom steps of the gangplank Rick nearly blocked the President's attempt to reach the tarmac. Like a granite wall Governor Perry stood in front of the President, now attempting to get around the Governor that wouldn’t move.
Perry extended his hand to the President who was now avoiding eye contact with the now very determined Governor. President Obama first looked to the left of the Governor while moving to the right as a basketball player would do trying to get to the basket. When finding no success with that move he looked to the right and shuffled to the left while all the time moving closer to the granite wall of Governor Rick Perry.
The symbolism of this encounter screamed out like ten thousand sirens warning of an air attack. Rick Perry was attacking and was going to be heard. As the President finally hit the tarmac with only one place to go, through Perry, he stopped and finally with resolve shook his hand. Perry knew he had him now as his handshake turned into a vice grip holding on like the jaws of a shark. As Perry now drew him in like a floundering fish on the line, he reeled him in close almost cheek to cheek as Governor Rick Perry whispered into the President’s ear “You're mine now.”
Governor Perry then shoved a letter into the President’s other hand and told him to read it, as the President finally pulled away glancing over his shoulder desperately moving away from him as fast as possible.
With the need for more troops and material to close up the Texas and Mexican border Perry delivered the message for all Texans that if you're coming to our country Mr. President you’re going to hear us whether you like it or not.
The President was taken aback by Perry’s aggressiveness while he massaged his hand from the Texas size handshake as the 556 day of the Obama Presidency struggled through the sweltering heat.

Special Note:
This has been taken from Now the Eagle http://nowtheeagle.blogspot.com a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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Anonymous said...

I remember watching this happen. I loved it that Gov Perry was so determined. O said he was to busy to meet the Gov of Texas to discuss the border. I was hoping that O was shocked at the "audacity" of this...... Texan... To just walk right up and hand him an envelope. Yeah that was good. Thanks for reminding me of this event. I've already voted for Perry twice now, 3rd time charm?