Sunday, August 8, 2010

Iran Now Has Subs - With Nuclear Capability

Iran has built four new submarines which will be delivered Sunday to the navy, Fars news agency reported.
An Iranian Qadir submarine as seen in the Persian Gulf, August 8, 2010.
The four new light-class "Qadir" submarines, which are entirely domestically made, will be delivered to the navy in presence of Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi and navy commander Amir- Habibollah Sayari, Fars said.
Iran in 2008 started production of new submarines which are supposed to be capable of firing various torpedoes and sub-surface missiles.
In the year 2000, Iran started production of its first domestically made mini-submarines which can accommodate a two-man crew and up to three divers, and carry out various operations such as reconnaissance and planting mines.
Russia provided Iran in 1996 with diesel-electric submarines which at that time made it the only Gulf state with submarines.
The submarines have caused concern in the United States which considers them a threat to the strategic balance in the volatile Gulf region.
Iran claims to have become self-sufficient in manufacturing all types of military vessels but insists that the Islamic state would just use its military strength for safeguarding peace and security in the Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

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Anonymous said...

Nuclear Capability? Hogwash. They built these subs themselves. I guarantee you we know where every Iranian sub is and all of them are targeted.

I can imagine these subs making enough noise to be detectable anywhere and everywhere.. :)

God we track Russia's most stealth subs why do you think a couple home built Iranian subs are going to be a problem. They wasted their money.