Saturday, August 21, 2010

America Rejects Islam This Week and Guess Who Else?

This past week must have been like hell for most uninvolved American members of the Muslim faith as they watched the American people flatly reject their religion. There’s no doubt that the radicals of Islam have done their job well in turning off Americans to the second largest religion. With 1.57 billion Muslims in the world, this makes it 23% of global humanity. It’s now claiming to be the fastest growing religion in the world. These facts alone mean that the religion can no longer be ignored.
The fact that it’s the fastest growing religion may have something to do with the house rules. You see when you become a card carrying Muslim you’re told bluntly that this baby is for life. There are no refunds. You can’t quit and if you don’t join when taken over, you die. Also let’s not forget about the way they treat women and the inequalities that no red blooded American woman would put up with. I’d say those are pretty persuasive regs don’t you? Now, we know those are the rules overseas and not in the good old U.S. of A., as of yet, but it’s their ultimate goal. Some say, that’s the radicals that think that way, and most Muslims don’t. Well, my question is, why can’t they stop them? Why don’t they stop them? The radicals that are such a small minority, such a minor annoyance never seem to be stopped by their own people. Why? Why? Why?
It’s my personal observation after decades of study and following this area of the world that the everyday Muslim doesn't want them to stop.
So then, why the backlash? Why the connection between Islam and our President? To take this even further, why does there seem to be a connection between Islam and liberal Democrats which now make up all elected Democrats?
The answer can be found in the Tea Party movement, and the reason for its resounding success on the American political scene. The backlash is due to Islam being un-American. The backlash is due to the Democrat party being un-American. The backlash is due to 23% of the world’s population being un-American.
You see this is all about newcomers assimilating to the American way of life, not Americans assimilating to a foreign way of life. We Americans have proven to the world that we have a better answer. Our system of government and economics is better and we as a people will defend the better American way of life to the death. And that is what you saw happen in America this past week, if you've been paying attention.


Anonymous said...

Does there seem to be a connection between Islam and all elected Democrats? That seems to be a heavily generalized statement.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Yes I see you've connected the correct dots. Whether it's right or wrong it just is. Funny how things go down.