Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tea Party Adopts the Victory Sign

The two finger victory sign has been around a long time. It was the symbol of hope in the ‘40s when Sir Winston Churchill adopted it as his sign of victory over the fascist governments of Germany, Italy and Japan during World War II. Sir Winston with his trademark pose of cigar in one hand and the ever defiant victory sign in the other stood for freedom of the human spirit. His ever-present steadfastness kept the English people from surrendering to the overwhelming odds threatening them. The sign prevailed along with the English people, thank God.
Years went by before the noble symbol was readopted in the US by the peace movement in the ‘60s. I can recall the sense of pride when I would flash the victory (peace) sign to a complete stranger and they would reply in turn. This hand sign became the unwritten greeting for American peace advocates who wanted our involvement in Vietnam to end. Right or wrong the two finger sign was inspiring.
Small gestures in communicating one’s beliefs have been around forever. Many Christians during this holy week of Easter should remember that the religion was for many decades underground after the death of Christ. It was hard for believers to communicate with others for fear of death. Christians were passive and easy targets for exploitation and murder. The dilemma was how would you know a Christian if you met one? Like the two finger victory sign Christians came up with a symbol that would communicate mutual beliefs by simply drawing a half circle in the dirt. If the person you met draws another half circle above yours forming the symbol of a fish <>< that would assure you that you were both followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Now, across America the ever growing movement against the current administration has readopted the two finger victory sign as its symbol of victory over our oppressive government. People of all ages are now flashing the two finger victory sign to each other communicating their belief that they will be triumphant over the leftist takeover of our government. So next time you see a fellow tea party member or you’re just not sure, flash them the victory sign. You may be very surprised at their response. V for Victory in November and 2012!


Sunflower Ranch said...

Sounds like a simple non-violent way to communicate. Just make sure BOTH fingers show and not only one or you might run into some trouble! LOL

Anonymous said...

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