Sunday, May 15, 2011

Al Qaeda Wants Obama and His Family Dead

Taken from American Patriot

"U.S. officials are analyzing one million pages of data from the trove found in Osama bin Laden’s compound during the raid that killed him, and say they have learned more in the past ten days than in the past 10 years.
Among the things they’ve learned is that the al Qaeda leader wanted to find a way to kill President Obama.
Bin Laden’s own writings discovered at his compound indicate he urged his followers to assassinate the President, and find ways to disrupt the 2012 American elections.
“I would say this is probably very personal on bin Laden’s part, to kill a President that he believes has violated the Muslim faith,” said Brad Garrett,” an ABC News consultant and former FBI profiler. “He is incensed, inflamed, obsessed about killing the President.”

Obama's Look-a-like Jewish Half-brother Targeted for Assassination in Israel
May 11, 2011, 14:45 GMT

Tel Aviv - US President Barack Obama's Jewish half brother made a secret visit to Israel last week to discover his roots, the Yediot Ahronoth daily reported Wednesday.
The visit of Mark Ndesandjo, 45, was not publicized for fear that he could be targeted by militants in revenge for the US assassination of Osama bin Laden.
According to the Israeli daily, one the main purposes of Ndesandjo's visit was to meet Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, to receive a blessing and a letter for his mother, Ruth Nidesand.
He also visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism's holiest prayer site, and Jewish heritage sites in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
According to Metzger, Ndesandjo 'looked so similar to his brother that even if he didn't say anything I would have recognized him.'
'He seemed like a very sensitive Jew whose heart is devoted to helping his fellow man,' Metzger said, adding that Ndesandjo has met with his more famous brother several times since the latter took office, and they are in regular telephone contact.
Ndesandjo was born to Barack Obama Senior's third wife, a Jewish American kindergarten teacher and the daughter of Lithuanian immigrants.
He studied physics at Brown and Stanford Universities, and has an MBA from Emory University.
He moved to China in 2002 , and currently runs an internet company, World Nexus, which advises Chinese companies on international markets.

Khalid Kelly
In May 2011 Irish Muslim militant Khalid Kelly was arrested from threatening to assassinate Barack Obama. In an interview with the Sunday Mirror he said that al-Qaeda was likely to kill Obama on his upcoming trip to Ireland. He reportedly said he would like to do it himself, but was too well known. He stated
"Personally I would feel happy if Obama was killed. How could I not feel happy when a big enemy of Islam is gone?"

Osama’s death makes life more complicated for Sarah Obama

Saturday, May 14 2011 

Before her grandson was elected to the most powerful office on earth, Sarah Obama was an ordinary grandmother living a quiet life unperturbed by occurrences beyond her immediate surroundings.
But the last four years since Barack Obama became the President of the United States of America have seen a complete change in her life and her quiet dusty Kogelo village has consequently been thrust into the limelight.
Days after Obama became US president, graders roared to life leveling the bumpy village roads, and water began flowing in the taps while electricity was installed. The home was fenced and a police post erected in the compound.
Visitors have been coming from far and wide including ambassadors and local politicians; musicians no less than Kanda Bongo Man, historians and biographers have all been Sarah Obama’s guests.
The granny became an overnight celebrity, and her village a tourist attraction. Another layer of complexity was added two weeks ago after her grandson announced to the world news of the killing of master terrorist Osama bin Laden.
This saw security detail at her home beefed up after pro-Osama militants threatened to avenge the death.
An attack on Mama Sarah would be a major victory for the terrorists especially because President Obama had himself authorized the operation that led to bin Laden’s killing.
Mama Sarah looks back at her past life with nostalgia, but argues that she is content to remain indoors.
She also admits that the security detail around her has cut down the number of visitors she can see in a day.
“I am still the old Mama Sarah who sold vegetables at the local market, but nowadays I cannot do that due to my advanced age and poor health,” she says.
She added that her knee problem means she has to walk with the aid of a walking stick.
Mama Sarah, who retains her warmth and infectious personality, seems an unlikely person to be receiving 24-hour security.
But that is what has happened since bin Laden’s death. Nyanza PC Francis Mutie announced tough security measures to avert possible retaliatory attacks aimed at the Obama family.
Mama Sarah explains: “They (security personnel) feared that the home could be a target of terrorist attacks so more officers were deployed.
“Our lives are in the hands of Allah (God) whom we worship regularly to provide care and protection not only to the family but the whole world.”
According to Mr Mutie, nobody will be allowed to visit the home without prior clearance by the authorities.
The PC said visitors, including relatives, would undergo thorough screening before they are allowed to visit the granny.
It is no longer enough that one gets consent from the family to visit. Police officers manning the gate screen the visitors then talk to their bosses in Siaya who then give the green light or deny entry.
“The busy schedule that I had previously of receiving many visitors up to late in the evening is now gone following the killing of Osama.
“Many of my friends have also kept away since they learnt of the new rules. But there is nothing we can do since the police must do their work. We cannot interfere with their work,” said Mama Sarah.
According to the PC, Mama Sarah has been assigned  a special escort, which will be part of her convoy at all times.
This is a big change for a village woman. Five years ago, the granny could be seen walking to the market daily to trade her wares.
In her free time, she could be seen tending to her chicken in the compound with sheep bleating in the background.
She walked to the local mosque on Fridays, mingled with other village women and attended other village functions like everybody else.
She largely went unnoticed. There were no bodyguards, no appointments, and no protocol.
All that has changed. Billionaire Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim — the man behind the mega-rich English premiership side Manchester City — even sponsored her for the Hajj pilgrimage after a visit in 2009.
Then came the honours: the Great Lakes University awarded her an honorary doctorate of letters.
And thanks to this turn of fate, the economy of Kogelo has changed with the price of land reaching unprecedented highs.

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