Monday, May 23, 2011

Was the Forced Resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) an Obama Coup d'état of the International Monetary Fund?

By Nicholas Contompasis

The charges against DSK are slowly being dropped. The Anal sex charge was dropped leaving only a forced oral sex charge. Pretty soon this may all end up just a few misdemeanor charges against the former socialist head of the IMF.
As this case slowly unwinds, our President has decided that Ireland is his ancestral home. Now, Ireland is economically one of the worst counties in the European Union.
This surprise visit seems to have more to do with bailing out the Irish homeland then visiting his great great great great great grandfathers home town.
In addition, the government of Greece is to make an important announcement today regarding it's debt. Greece being another sinking economic ship of the EU.
This whole story is starting to sound more and more like a takeover of the IMF that oversees fiscal guidance in Europe, which is on the ropes with it's excess government spending.
Let's not forget that last year the G-8 and G-30 threw Obama under the bus when he expected them to go further into debt, similar to what he was doing here in the U.S.
Obama's plan to dominate globally can only happen if the rest of the industrial world follows his plan of deficit spending, which everyone knows would destroy our current economic system.
To say that Obama has a personal grudge against the G-8 would be putting it mildly.
With Mayor Bloomberg in Obamas back pocket anything coming out of City Hall in New York City should be considered crap.
This is a big deal that's being glossed over because of the sex charge. More is at work and it's not pretty. One could describe it more as the height of Chicago thuggery, but this time they're taking over the world's economy.
Who said Obama didn't have ambition, or is it someone else behind the thrown?

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