Friday, May 27, 2011

$40 Billion Bait n' Switch for the Arab Spring

By Nicholas Contompasis

The G-8 is dangling a $40,000,000,000 carrot in front of nations undergoing change from the "Arab Spring." This carrot could, if used properly, allow the industrial nations of the world a say in who's elected to office and their policies. It's a long shot but worth a try.
Knowing the region, this could end up being the biggest boondoggle the West has ever entered into, but if it works there could be peace and stability for decades. The idea here is to reverse the flow of immigration back to Islamic nations, create jobs and protect the civil rights of these oppressed peoples.
Again, knowing the region, this will most likely only be a delay of an inevitable collapse into a clausal regional caliphate, run as a religious dictatorship, harsh and unforgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Fools. Aren't the Arabs getting enough from us for oil? Let Arabs help themselves. I tire of these bandits from the desert. Don't they ever stop whining?