Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Exodus from California or Is California Just Turning into Shit?

White Exodus from California?

By John Lobertini
11:29 p.m. PDT, May 16, 2011
The color of California is changing.  There’s no majority race anymore; but whites, European Americans, are leaving the golden state in growing numbers.  Kevin Wilcox works as an architect, and he believes the unfriendly business climate is the reason for the exodus.  ”If I was ever interested in leaving it would be to get away from the intense regulatory environment here.”
Consequently, company’s are moving to more business friendly states.  24 year old Amanda Brown tells FOX40’s John Lobertini her aunt and uncle were practically forced to move to Texas.  ”He wasn’t able to find another job until they moved to Texas.”
According to the U.S. Census and the Sacramento Bee newspaper, almost 650,000 Californians left the state between: 2001 to 2009.  Almost 150,000 went to Oregon, 127,289 moved to Arizona, Texas took in 77,456, 68,132 relocated to Nevada and 64,929 to Washington.
”There are a lot of different areas of the country that are attracting high wage earners and they tend to be white,” says political strategist Steve Maviglio.  Maviglio served in the Gray Davis administration, and he also points out: retirees are also leaving in search of a cheaper cost of retirement.  ”Your dollar goes a lot farther even other countries, Costa Rica is a big surge; countries like that because it’s cheaper to live and people are getting less in retirement.”
The census won’t tell you this, but anecdotally California favors people of color.  “Students who were applying who had a multi-cultural background and maybe spoke another language or were from another country, it looked really good for them when they were applying,” despite the ethnic demands 24-year-old Katie Ross got accepted to graduate school at Sacramento State.  But 18-year-old Bridget Peterson almost went to college on the east coast believing her European ancestry might be more valued there.  ”I thought there might be better opportunities; there are just too many people in California.”
The changing color of California is already impacting politics.  ”It’s more conservative, not liberal” that’s how 18-year-old Jason Diniz describes the politics in his parents’ home.  But Hispanics and Asians are becoming more liberal in the voting booth.  In fact, last November, Carly Fiorina led U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in the polls among predominantly white Republican voters.  But she ended up losing by a healthy margin when ALL the votes were counted. 
Social Issues, however, are still another tale of diversity.  Blacks and Hispanics are widely credited with leading the charge against the legalization of Gay Marriage.
And, then there’s this school of thought: the exodus of whites from California may just be another cultural shift in America.  There was a time when whites left places like New York City, Boston and Chicago, and moved west.  Today people are leaving California for the Deep South and the Southwest; in many cases in search of opportunity. 
Sound familiar?

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