Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lollipops and Lies - Paul Ryan Listen Up

By Nicholas Contompasis

The Republican party needs to take a page from the Democrat-Socialist party when attempting to rein in excess spending and the growth of government.
They have learned that the only way to move the majority in America one way or the other is to lie.
To move their agenda they lie about the weather global-warming. They lie about lizards that are more important than oil that heats homes and fuels cars. They lie about why they must control your healthcare. They lie about their Republican opponents. Yes, they lie about everything.
They connect their lies with feel good messages and it's those messages that convince the majority to go along with the program.
So, the next time Congressman Paul Ryan offers a budget proposal to the American people, I suggest lollipops and lies.


Anonymous said...

not me ...and not even as a joke, but thanks!

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Well, Paul can we get lollipops at least. LoL
By the way your reply is the right answer. It's what I would have expected from you.