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Is Obama Socialist? A Compete List of Talking Points Proving He Is

July 28, 2010 by Chicago Social Media  
Family, Friends, Advisers & Administration
*Wife Michelle Obama said “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”
*Jim Wallis; Obama’s spiritual advisor & forced redistribution of wealth advocate
*Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director, admitted that one of favorite political Philosophers, one that she “turns to the most”, is Mao Tse-Tung, the demonic communist dictator responsible for the starvation, torture, and murder of 70 million Chinese. -orthodoxytoday-org/blog/2009/10/16/anita-dunn-favorite-philosopher-mao-tse-tung/
*Reverend Wright stated inflammatory rhetoric against America Obama attended his church for 20 years and was married by this preacher, who taught Black Liberation Theology which is the ideology of The Black Panthers. Black Liberation Theology, in its Founder’s Words March 31, 2008
*Elena Kagan – Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee; Argued for Government ‘Redistribution of Speech’;has a history of association with people tied to three interrelated organizations, the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/Democratic Socialists of America and the far left Washington DC “think tank” Institute for Policy Studies.[1]
*Van Jones, disgraced Green Jobs Czar & Communist [2]
*Ron Bloom, Manufacturing Czar & anti-free market
*Donald Berwick Obama administration nominee to run Medicare and Medicaid [3]
* Craig Becker Obama administration nominee to the National Labor Relations Board [4]
*John Holdren, pro-redistribution of wealth; White House Science ‘Czar’ Tells Students: U.S. Can’t Expect to Be Number One in Science and Technology Forever; Called for Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth from Global ‘North’ to ‘South’; Advocated FCC Forcing Broadcasters to Air Enviro-Population Control Ads; Called for ‘Zero Economic Growth; [5]
*Andy Stern, SEIU President & redistribution of wealth fan
*Mark Lloyd, FCC ‘Diversity Czar,’ and Idolizes Hugo Chavez
*Carol Browner, socialist
*Robert Creamer, socialist
*Eric Holder Attorney General evidently has disregarded the law as applied by his predecessors because he disagree es with their politics[6]
* Dr Tara O’Toole Obama’s nominee at the Department of Homeland Security overseeing bioterrorism defense; apparently revealed she belonged to a study group called the Northeast Feminist Scholars, originally known as the Marxist-Feminist Group [7]
*William Ayers – Obama worked closely with terrorist Bill Ayers – Records show collaboration on funding leftists despite claim he’s just ‘a guy’ in neighborhood (2008 09 23)[8]
*ACORN – “…Among other involvements, Obama trained ACORN activists and while working on the board of the Woods Fund, channeled millions of dollars to ACORN”… [9]
[1]-cnsnews -com Kagan Argued for Government ‘Redistribution of Speech’ May 12, 2010
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[2] -Van Jones’ Legacy Lives On: DOL Doles Out $100M in Green Jobs Grants to Unions January 7, 2010
-thelibertyjournal tides foundation; Van Jones
-Washingtonpost-com White House Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy Over Past Activism
[3]-redstate-comn Obama nominee Donald Berwick’s radical agenda May 12 2010
–nypost-com O’s radical pick for Medicare June 16, 2010
[4]–nrtwc-org (the national right to work committee) The NLRB Becker Fight “Shakes and Bakes” Again Senate Confirms NLRB Nominees Pearce and Hayes, not Becker June 22, 2010 National Labor Relations Board nominee Craig Becker shot down in Senate 02/09/10
-Senator Orrin Hatch Utah concerned by NLRB Nominee Craig Becker
-nationalaborblog-com 2010 02 Controversy Over Nlrb Nominee Craig Becker Heats Up
[5] -zombietime-com/John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet
-cnsnews -com White House Science ‘Czar’ Tells Students: U.S. Can’t Expect to Be Number One in Science and Technology Forever April 12, 2010
-cnsnews -com Obama Science Czar Called for Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth from Global ‘North’ to ‘South’
July 07, 2010
-cnsnews-com White House Science Czar Advocated FCC Forcing Broadcasters to Air Enviro-Population Control Ads October 16, 2009
-cnsnews-com Obama’s Science Adviser Called for ‘Zero Economic Growth’ July 31, 2009
[6]-washingtonexaminer-com Newt Gingrich: President Obama should fire Attorney General Eric Holder 08 28 2009
-demint-senate-gov DeMint, Enzi Introduce Secret Ballot Protection Act (SBTA) February 25, 2009
-detroit news healthcare bill includes 10 billion earmarked for union retirees
-washingtontimes-com Hot Button 9 9 2009
-washingtontimes-com/news/Obama nominee omitted ties to biotech 09 08, 2009
-pacificfreepress-com/news Meet Homeland Security’s New Bioterror Czarina 23 Aug 2009
[8] -verumserum-com Ayers and Obama: Follow the Money 10 11 2008
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-wnd-comObama lies in debate about ties to ACORN — Record shows Democrat, group at center of vote scandal ‘old friends’ 2008 10 16
-wnd -com Evidence reveals role Barack played in transforming Dems into socialists (2010 07 11)
-gettingpaidtowatch-com Obama-Ayers channeled Annenberg money to Acorn to advance leftist agenda in Chicago schools
[9]*brainshavings com THE ONLY LINK YOU REALLY NEED to Follow The Corruption of ROTTEN ACORN: America’s Bad Seed
-brainshavings com ACORN Is A Multi-Million-Dollar Multinational Conglomerate ACORN ‘shock troops’ tied to election crimes 2008 03 10
– opinion Stimulus bill funds ACORN despite its history of corruption the Archives II: ACORN Corruption Runs Deep Question for Local Media: What in the World Are These People Really Doing?
-pajamasmedia com/blog/acorns-latest-lawbreaking/
-americanthinker com July 07, 2008 Obama and the Woods Fund of Chicago
-workinglife-org/blogs/ SEIU corruption scandal spreads as Stern escalates attacks on opposition 8 262008″…numerous ACORN agents were caught on camera giving advice to undercover journalists on how to open an illegal brothel, launder its profits, defraud banks and the IRS, and commit a host of other illegal activities…”
– Type in search box – NEA and SEIU Diverted Forced Union Dues to Corrupt ACORN Offices – Aug 25 20008 – 100 caregivers of the SEIU Local 6434 gathered today at the Oakland and Los Angeles offices to demand an independent investigation into corruption – Type in search box – Caregivers Call for Justice in SEIU corruption scandal
-foxnews-com ACORN Still Eligible for Donations Through Government’s Combined Federal Campaign Obama and Acorn Is there a case for a special prosecutor?
-desertconservative-com Now we know why acorn backs Obama! Where’s our mainstream media Aug 20 2009
—-For insight into Obama’s views on the courts and the Constitution, see the AT piece, “Obama the Justifier”, by Selwyn Duke, 10/3/08
-rightvoices-com/2008/10/16/On Obama: Big Lies And What Must Be The Largest Rug To Sweep Them Under Oct/16/08
-wnd-com ELECTION 2008 Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party Democrat’s campaign denied allegations, but new evidence indicates membership October 24, 2008 Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Confiscatory Tax Rate Dreams from my Father 08 19 2008 (referring to Barack Obama)
-westernfrontamerica-com Socialism and Obama 09 15 2008 Aug 2008/alleged-Communist-was-early-influence-on-Barack-Obama.
-westernfrontamerica-com The Tale of Two Obama Minions-2010/05/16 – socialism & mandated health care
-*worldtribune-com February 14, 2008 change Obama can believe in:Socialism?
-foxnews-com opinion Obama: Real Debate Please, Not Maoist Reeducation 3 29 2010
-weeklystandard-com/weblogs/Why Did Obama Attend Socialist Conferences?July 18, 2008
Why Did Obama Attend Socialist Conferences?
-acton-org/commentary/The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology April 2, 2008
-newsbusters-org/blogs/Record Shows Obama Was on Board With TARP in September, and Every Bit As Socialist As He Claims Bush Was Fri, 03/13/200
-hotairpundit-blogspot-com/2010/03/March 17, 2010 – Flashback Recap: Obama Envisions ‘Costly and Lengthy’ Health Care ‘Transition’ to Single Payer readies steps to fight foreclosures, particularly for unemployed Friday, March 26, 2010
-William Ayers questionable history-zombietime-com/prairie_fire William Ayers’ forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire October 22, 2008 Glimmer of Hope: CNN Suggests Democratic Economic Policy Could Create ‘Jobless Welfare State’
-apolloalliance-org Clean Energy Is Foundation of Proposed Stimulus January 15, 2009
-hotair-com 8 25 2009 who really wrote obamas stimulus bill Joe the Plumber’ Becomes Focus of Debate AssociatedPress — October 15, 2008 — Who is ‘Joe the Plumber’?
-discoverthenetworks-org apollo alliance
-examiner-com June 3 2010 President Obama and the DOW: Both the Destruction of Wealth; both truly unbelievable’
-townhallmob-com 8 12 2009 was democrats’ health care strategy written in federal prison?
-townhallmob-com 12 2009 A White House Power Grab that Congress and America Doesn’t See
-townhallmob-com search unions SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! Obama Pledges to “Paint the nation purple”…This is not your typical political pandering. This is someone who feels at home, talking to close friends and family.
-cnsnews-com May 28 2010 Barack Obama in Crisis: Zzzz
-cnsnews-com May 28 2010 Something Rotten in the State?
-washingtontimes-com 9 9 2009 Hot Button More scrutiny 12 10 2009 The Omnibus Bill: Bad Government at its Worst
-’s Says U.S. Debt Could Test Triple-A Rating
-americanthinker com July 07, 2008 Obama and the Woods Fund of Chicago tation-bill-environment-green-jobs/All roads lead to green? A New “New Deal” Approach to the Challenge of Climate Crisis
-discoverthenetworks-org groupProfile apollo alliance
-investors-com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud 04/28/2010
-“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” — Barack Obama at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, October 31, 2008.

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